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Our Clients Testimonials

Being an absentee landlord and living in New York City while owning apartment Building in Oxnard California can be one headache after another. After unhappy experiences with several other property managers, our association hired Baraka Enterprise Property Management. They have been wonderful with quick response, attention to detail, good communication, follow through and reporting. They even responded to a major water leak on Christmas Day. One couldn't ask for more.”

-Frank Tysen-

“I wanted to send an email of gratitude to acknowledge Baraka Enterprise's response to a problem I had over the weekend. My hot water heater blew and leaked into the condo beneath mine. Bahgat responded quickly on Saturday night and drained the water heater. He was back this morning with a new water heater and had it hooked up within a few hours.”

-Stphen Smith-

“These are unique and changing times. Baraka Enterprise Property Management is on the cutting edge of change.”

-Stphen Smith-

“Baraka Enterprise Property Management has performed marvelously dealing with the day-to-day maintenance and complications of running our building and property. Their efficiency and care really makes a difference in our collective peace of mind.”

-Ericka McDonald-

“Hiring Baraka Enterprise Property Management is one of the soundest decisions my husband and I ever made, I really get the feeling they know that our building is more than a property, it's our home.”

-Barbara Ruben-

“During the early 90's I was experiencing a high degree of anxiety about my rental properties in San Fernando Valley. Real estate values were approaching disastrously low levels, rents were dropping and there were a lot of foreclosures. In retrospect one of the best decisions I ever made was to invest in the services of a professional property management firm. As the next several years unfolded, Baraka Enterprise Management not only kept my ship afloat but turned a real unstable situation into a windfall.”

-Tim Shelby-

“We were self managed and the owners could not get a handle on what financial shape we were in and had no idea as to what capital projects we should do first. After hiring Baraka Enterprise Property Management, the Trusts received regular financial reports that gave us the security we needed. Baraka Enterprise also gave us a priority list of capital projects to complete and a financial plan to pay for them.”

-Carrie Hook-