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Internet marketing can get very complicated and since every business is a little different there is no one size fits all marketing plan. That’s why the experts at Taly Design & Marketing will tailor a package that’s designed to grow with your company. We use a mix of search engine optimization (SEO), effective back-linking, article submissions, Geo Targeting and pay per click management (ppc). It may sound complicated but, the whole campaign is designed to fit within your budget and managed for you. All you have to worry about are the new leads coming in. Over time your campaign grows even more effective because your organic search engine results will start driving extra traffic. This means that as your company grows so does the number of customers calling. When you’re ready to ramp it up all you have to do is call us and we will design an even more aggressive internet marketing plan. Call us now we’ll tell you all about it. 562-326-3276

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Social Media

Social Media Networking is creating relationships one-on-one; just like your grandparents did with their butcher, grocer and mechanic. Social media sites once again allow you to create relationships with your customers so they can get to know, like, and trust you and your business. Social networking consists of, posting on social networking sites, micro-blogs (twitter), social searchs, and bookmarking.


Search Engine Optimization SEO is your companies’ ability to show up in a search engines like Google. If people can’t find you how are they going to contact you? SEO is achieved through many avenues starting with your site and then we use a series of links, back links, press releases and article submissions. Our SEO will improve your credibility with search engines and bolster your ranking.

Geo Targeting

Geo-Targeting is an amazingly effective way to improve your ranking with Google. This is the hottest product on the market right now. Focusing your SEO efforts on specific areas like cities regions or counties is powerful. People generally search for a product and an area (ex. Duluth restaurants), this system takes full advantage of that and dramatically increases your websites traffic.

Online Banner Advertising

Online Banner Advertising is a way of advertising at the top of high traffic websites like,,,, and many more. It is effective alone but when paired with a proper website, Geo targeting and SEO, it becomes exponentially more effective. These ads are seen at the top and side of these high traffic websites and serve multiple purposes. They increase exposure to your company, add validity to your website and drive internet surfers directly to you. This is a sure fire way to get people to drive traffic to your site.

RecentlyClients Said

  • client-photo-1
    Thomas M.

    I work in real estate and Taly design really helped me out by getting my website off the ground. Jason helped me get my own domain name and also did all the work to get my page up and running. You can visit my page at to view his work. He is a hard working, bright individual that deserves a lot of business. I highly recommend him!

  • client-photo-2
    Michele H.

    Taly Design rescued us from the "Go Daddy" web designer nightmare. Jason was a wonderful person to work with and fast, I might add. We were up and running in days. We love our web site. He found graphics that related to our business and composed our pictures by setting them up in an artistic way. We highly reccommend Taly Designs!

  • client-photo-3
    Todd M

    Great work. Took ideas and worked it with his own. Great finished product. Had graphics done for club night fliers and album graphics.

  • client-photo-4
    Neila P.

    Jason does great work and is highly reliable, he did the website for my book and went above and beyond what I asked for and expected! I will use him in the future and am confident you will not be disappointed! He is also very nice and knows his stuff!

  • client-photo-5
    Jessica H.

    Taly Design Concepts is a great company to work with. I wanted a simple site to showcase my writing samples and host my blog. Jason Taly had an elegant solution inside a day! I'm thrilled with the results. He understood my needs and my style. I have no hesitation recommending Taly Design Concepts to friends and colleagues. You can view my site at

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